Definition of spacecraft proven protection

Nyalic Space Proven Protection

Nyalic® …withstand extremes never before experienced… America’s race to the moon created an intense demand for technological advancement in alloys and coatings. One of the greatest challenges was the development of manned space capsules, vehicles that would be subjected to more punishment than any other mode of transportation in history. From the intense cold and …

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Cobalt and our 2019-20 Anti Slavery policy

Cobalt after refining

Cobalt, “DRC” and “ASM” Recently there have been many stories in the media about high profile companies that manufacture mobile phones, and a major company manufacturing electric cars, have come unstuck due to their sourcing of a mineral called Cobalt from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The stories have focussed on the …

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A further milestone in quality – ISO9001:2015

Lloyds Register ISO 9001:2015

ISO9001:2015   Ocean Footprint is very happy to announce that we have reached a milestone in the implementation of our ISO 9001 quality assurance system. On Friday we successfully completed our ISO9001:2015 second audit and have been told we are being recommended for certifying by Lloyds Quality assurance “…to be very best we can, whilst …

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Nyalic Protection for Electrical Panels

Nyalic Corrosion Protectant for Electrical Panels

Nyalic® Corrosion Protectant for Electrical Panels Nyalic is used to coat electrical panels and electronic connections, pc boards, battery terminals and other types of connections on boats and ships Corrosion alone accounts for approximately 40% of all equipment failures in industrial facilities. Facilities located in potentially corrosive environments such as seacoasts, industrial sites, farms and …

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A “Cut” above the rest? – Our TCT Circular Saw Blades


Ocean Footprint – TCT Circular Saw Blade Ocean Footprint has been working with our trusted partners and customers on our own range of products that meet the exacting requirements of boat building. We are working with some of the best engineers in the world to fine tune our own product range to improve quality by …

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Midway Metals and Ocean Footprint strategic alliance

Cleaning stainless railing

Ocean Footprint are proud to announce that we are forming a strategic alliance with Australian owned stainless-steel supplier and manufacturer Midway Metals Marine in order to grow our already formidable individual successes in the marine industry Anthony Jolly, director of Midway said “it is our goal to offer the marine sector a superior product at …

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Nyalic Corrosion Protectant for AC Coils

Nyalic coated Air conditioning fan coil

Nyalic® is used on heat pumps, A/C units, air handlers, refrigeration and HVAC units to protect against corrosion Nyalic is applied to protect both the interior and exterior of the HVAC units Nyalic applications on this type of equipment are typically made on units used in corrosive areas such as on boats and ships, mining areas, …

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