AC Split Gas

AC Split Gas

Split-Gas Air Conditioning

    For Boats Up to 24 Metres (80 Feet)

Split air conditioning systems have the condensing unit (compressor) and air handler installed in different locations

The condensing unit is mounted in the engine room or other mechanical space.
The air handler (also called the evaporator) is installed in the living area. Two air handlers can connect to one condensing unit

Split systems are found on boats up to 24 meters (80 feet), limited only by the number of condensing units that will fit and by the 15 metres (50 foot) maximum length of copper tubing between the condensing unit and air handler

For ease of installation, there are pre-insulated flexible pipe kits available

Split system advantages:

  • Less space needed in the living area for the air handlers
  • Quieter because the compressor is in the engine room
  • A wide selection of air handler capacities and sizes

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