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“Saltaway – The world best salt removing and cleaning products”. Excellent for flushing inboard and outboard engines, jet skis, diving and fishing gear and many other applications from marine to vehicle maintenance. Repeated usage can dissolve salt build-up in cooling systems and other areas

protect against salt corrosion

Salt-Away is a water-based, non-hazardous, biodegradable solution and contains properties that dissolve, release and remove salt crystals from any surface. Water alone does not remove all the salt from a surface. Use of Salt-Away does not correct past damage but will work to protect against salt corrosion and reduces costly repairs caused by salt. Salt-Away breaks apart and removes salt accumulation with repeated use

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…most popular salt removing product on the market…

In 1993, Salt-Away Products, Inc. (then Innovative Products) conceived the idea of producing a product to flush salt from salt-water marine engines as well as remove salt from other salt-water boating, fishing, and marine equipment. The design of the product included inhibiting rusting and corrosion on all salt exposed surfaces. It began conducting lengthy tests on prototype formulas for these purposes. Testing was performed on dozens of metals and metal alloys and many other materials used in the salt-water marine environment. That testing was conducted by independent laboratories, marine mechanics, the formulators of the product, and by the owners of the company

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In late 1994, after the testing had concluded with many excellent results, the sales and marketing program was initiated. Salt-Away Products, Inc. continued to develop its salt removing products for salt-water marine applications and expanded into the automotive, car wash, industrial, and military applications. Due to Salt-Away’s excellent quality and performance and safety, Salt-Away has become the most popular salt removing product on the market

Salt-Away has become the most popular salt removing product on the market

Salt Away for Sea Doo
We believe to maintain the premier position in the marketplace and to offer the public the best products available, we must always be looking for ways to make advancements with our products. So, in 1999 we began an 18-month program to investigate new, safer, and better performing chemicals to add or exchange with some of our current ingredients. Testing was conducted on several combinations of advanced chemicals, and in February 2001, we introduced our new Advanced Formula. The performance of the advanced formula was exactly what we had in mind, and no changes have been made since

…using military specification testing methods…

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We have continued to conduct a series of tests, particularly at the request of the military, using military specification testing methods, metals and procedures. The objectives included metal immersion testing for weight loss data, removal of sodium chlorides and other contaminants from steel substrates and other surfaces for preparation of coating applications, and sodium chloride removal from saltwater marine engines. These tests, performed in 2001 and 2002, reveal that Salt-Away has passed the ISO Standard (8502-6) for Chloride Removal and the Assessment for Surface Cleanliness, and has met the maximum limit for weight loss (lack of deleterious effects) and salt removal on all mil-spec metals used in the controlled tests

400% improvement in strength

The most recent advancement was made in 2014. Again, Salt-Away’s Mixing Unit was the recipient of the attention. Rather new in the marketplace, Eastman Tritan Copolyester Plastic was introduced into our manufacturing process to offer a significant upgrade in the material. This change resulted in a remarkable enhancement of increased strength, durability, and reliability. This new plastic material weighs more and its psi provides 400% improvement in strength

Evaluation of the efficacy of salt neutralizers for washing down snow and ice equipment

Salt-Away was among six products tested by the Ohio State Department of Transportation for the purpose of selecting the best product for removing salt from their equipment.  The following is their study presented on video