About Us

Ocean FootprintOcean Footprint.

Ocean Footprint was set up following a meeting between a boat builder a naval architect and a marine technical sales manager.

Our vision is to provide a range of reliable and cost-effective solutions to marine professionals and boat manufacturers worldwide at prices that reflect their true value, are fully repairable and maintainable, plus offer support for those products for their lifetime.

Ocean Footprint collaborate with our customers to improve products that are already tried & tested, develop a range of products from other sectors and generally innovate the products available to the maritime sector.

Ocean Footprint Website.

Ocean Footprint website is a platform to share products we believe to be the best quality and value for money. It also aims to be a resource to educate on solutions developed with some of the best in their field.

Get in touch if you have something to add, give feedback and get involved. Browse our current range of products and if you have a product you would like to develop, let us know as we have access to specialists in nearly every field of manufacture and are always interested in a good idea.