RM DRAIN is a Push Fit system by Raccorderie Metalliche, consisting of thin pipes and fittings in AISI 316L stainless steel.

Push-fit is a rapid system rapidly and safely fitted. What is more, it is reversible: heating the gasket with a hot air source, it is possible to separate the joint from the pipe. The system is useful to convey gravity or vacuum, wastewaters and contaminated waters with organic, chemical and corrosive substances. The Drain product range is available in 7 diameters (from DN40 to DN150) with 3 product certifications.

How to use it

Simplicity and rapidity to the installation service.

The RM DRAIN system installation asks for rapid and simple manual operations and does not ask for specific or tooling.

  • Check if the parts are clean
  • Add the gasket to the unit
  • Check the gasket positioning
  • Mark the connection size
  • Add the connection pipe
  • Remove the excess grease
  • Complete control of the pipe fitting to the container

The product range

The wide range of products is available in six sizes, from DN 40 to DN 150.

On Ocean Footprint website the range can be found here, the product range in DARK GREY includes pipes and fittings.

Where to use it

Products and services are developed to solve at best any installation problem and issue, aiming at quality, safety and speed.

RM DRAIN fitting profiles and sizes comply with requirements imposed by the EN 1124-3 standard. Fittings comply with prescriptions imposed by the DIN 19530-2 standard and are certified Class A, non-inflammable. The push-fit collars of the DRAIN systems by Raccorderie Metalliche stand operating pressures up to 10 bar, and (vacuum) depressions up to 0.97 bar. Thanks to their consistent fire resistance (Class A certifications, non-inflammable) they can be used in many plants at the naval level as well (ships, military boats, yachts, offshore platforms, etc.).

RACMET Drain system Marine Certifications:

DNV-GL Drain Certification download
DNV-GL Drain Certification
Lloyds Register Drain Certification
Lloyds Drain Certification
RINA Drain Certification
RINA Drain Certification