Company profile

Since 1970, Raccorderie Metalliche has been a leading manufacturer in the European civil & industrial plumbing sector.
Since 2014 we entered the shipbuilding sector and are the only one in the market being in a position to offer press fitting systems, steel wastewater systems, welding fittings, threaded fittings and fastening systems, all at the same time.

Every day, 300 employees are committed to fulfilling Raccorderie Metalliche’s mission.
“We constantly offer innovative solutions in terms of both product and process and take the use of press fitting systems into particular consideration; these solutions allow fitters to work rapidly, safely and suitably.” – (Pier Luigi CECCARDI, Fondatore e Presidente di Raccorderie Metalliche).

Company Location.

Raccorderie Metalliche has two production plants in Italy, extending over an area of more than 84.000 sq. m, as well as 3 branch offices in foreign Countries (Germany, France and Spain) ensuring the distribution of our products in more than 60 Countries of the world.

Key Points.

Raccorderie Metalliche’s success is the result of several factors:

  • knowledge, quality, a wide range of products, particular ability to understand customer requirements.
  • Continuous research and development of innovative solutions allowing us to be the first Company producing a seamless carbon steel pressfitting Tee.
  • Continuous quality control and improvement resulting in a high-quality level.
  • Certification of activities managing systems in conformity with environment and workers’ safety regulations.
  • Constant availability and traceability of products in our warehouses.
  • Technicians collaborating with and giving advice to the design engineers.
  • Fairness, transparency and mutual respect between the partners to provide our customers with the best possible service.
  • Constant training and update in order fitters to continue their professional development.
  • Particular attention to social issues, because we think that people make the difference, which is the key ingredient for evolution.