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JEC Marine

About JEC Marine

JEC Marine was founded to produce the highest quality engineering products for the professional boat builder

commitment to quality and customer service

JEC Marine is an award-winning company built around a team of boating enthusiasts – designers, builders, and sailors. By bringing together cutting-edge engineering skills in toolmaking, electrical & electronic design
JEC Marine also have an old-fashioned commitment to quality and customer service

quality and functionality

JEC specialises in niches within the marine market area, where the boat builder is not well served in terms of quality and functionality. You will find our products to be innovative, efficient, and dependable. You will also find our service competent and courteous

innovative, efficient, and dependable

Paul Jindra is the Managing Director of the company and formally educated in mechanical engineering and electronics. Having owned and managed multi-national electronic companies for many years he is able to combine this business experience with his natural skills and above all his passion for the boating world
Ocean Footprint is proud to be working with JEC Marine in Europe and we are happy to support their product and also be able to utilise some of the exceptional breakthroughs that JEC Marine have made through their range of brushless motors and motor speed controls

brushless motors and motor speed controls

“It is sometimes a false economy focussing on the upfront capital cost when selecting a DC motor for an application such as ventilation” says Peter Harrison of Ocean Footprint, “we find that by using a JEC Motor on an installation we can achieve full speed control of the motor, electronic reversibility functionality, plus adjustable soft start straight from the box! Having a DC motor that can operate in explosive atmospheres is a unique selling point in itself!”

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