CEM – Jet pumps for pressure sets


Construction features:

J-mini, J-Inox / MG-Inox– fresh water
Pump body: 304 Stainless Steel
Shaft : 316 (d.c.) – AISI 420 (a.c.) Stainless Steel
Diffuser and Venturi tube: NORYL
Impeller/s: NORYL
Mechanical seal: Ceramics, Graphite, NBR

JBR – fresh and sea water
Pump body: BRONZE
Motor support: BRONZE
Diffuser and Venturi Tube: Polycarbonate
Impeller: Special brass alloy
Mechanical seal: Ceramics, Graphite, NBR

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CEM – Jet pumps

Self priming centrifugal electric Jet pumps with a closed impeller, featuring a high suction capacity, widely used to deliver pressurized water to onboard appliances such as showers, kitchens, galleys, washbasins, toilets, for air-conditioning units, fire fighting, washing of decks and chains

Automatic operation of jet pumps is achieved by equipping the pumps with small or medium-sized surge tanks

At the jet, the increase in water velocity creates the partial vacuum that draws standing well water into the second pipe and then back into the pump and plumbing system. Deep-well jet pumps use both the suction at the jet to bring water into the system and pressure applied by the impeller to lift the water

This pump type has a very good ability to perform well in high pressure environments, this is shown with the curve being a gentle incline. Combined with an accumulator and pressure switch this is a tried and tested pump for use in water pressure systems

CEM - Jet Pumps - Technical Spec
CEM – Jet Pumps – Technical Spec

Direct current: 

  • Wound field and permanent magnet electric motor 12/24V
  • Protection IP23
  • Insulation Class F
  • Continuous Duty (S1)

Alternating current:

  • Induction electric motor
    • 110V single-phase (available on request)
    • 230V single-phase
    • 230~400VAC Three-phase
    • 400~690VAC Three Phase
  • Protection IP44/54
  • Insulation Class F
  • Continuous Duty (S1)

The scope of operation: Liquid free of solid impurities
Temperature range of the liquid: from +0 to +50 °C (70°C for JBR series)
Max. suction depth: 9m
Static pressure inside the pump body: 6 bar max


Comparable to:

J-Mini = Gianneschi EcoInox
J-Inox = Gianneschi EcoInox 1
MG-Inox = Gianneschi EcoInox 2
JBR = Gianneschi EcoJet
JBR1 = Gianneschi Ecojet 1
JBR2 = Gianneschi Jet 2
JBR3 = Gianneschi Jet 3
JBR4 = Gianneschi Jet 4
JBR5 = Gianneschi Jet 518

CEM Pumps and Blowers – Manufacturers website

Thread: BSP (EN 10226-1 – ex ISO 7/1)

About CEM Pumps and Blowers

Established in 1970 C.E.M. elettromeccanica S.r.l. has been a leading manufacturer of electric pumps and DC motors primarily focussed for use in the maritime sector
In the 48 years, we have been making motors and our constant expansion in the national and the international markets have resulted in the broadening of our extensive product range

…highest quality materials…design…innovative production processes…remarkable lifespan…

This makes us the ideal partner for large and medium-sized boat builders of pleasure, fishing and military vessels.

CEM Pumps and blowers factory
CEM Pumps and blowers factory

Our extensive range now includes:

  • DC and AC electric pumps
  • Belt driven pumps, with manual or electromagnetic clutch
  • hydraulically driven pumps
  • water pressure systems
  • centrifugal and axial blowers
  • diesel driven pumps
  • manual pumps
  • DC motors

Our commitment to using the highest quality materials used, the special care invested in the design and in the innovative production processes we adopt, we are able to offer excellent performances and a remarkable lifespan of our products exactly what you need when our product can offer extra hours of safety when in difficulty

The CEM factory is based in Nonantola close to Modena in Italy, and is a family-owned business with generations of experience in the manufacture of pumps, blowers and electric motors

All of our products are built to standards that are in accordance with classification and certification can be obtained from each of the bodies: Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd’s Register and RINA

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12V DC, 24V DC, 230V, 230~400V

Max Delivery

44l/min, 50l/min, 55l/min, 58l/min, 75l/min, 90l/min, 100l/min, 160l/min

Motor Power

0.3kW, 0.4kW, 0.52kW, 0.55kW, 0.6kW, 0.7kW, 0.75kW, 1.1kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW

Max Head

28m, 30m, 36m, 38m, 39m, 40m, 42m, 45m, 50m, 52m, 60m

Head Construction

Bronze, Stainless Steel


CEM Pumps and Blowers – Manufacturers website

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