CEM – EPC Water Pressure Systems


Note: The J-Mini, J-INOX, MG-INOX models have stainless steel pump heads and are not suitable for use pumping seawater, for a brine pressure water system please ensure a bronze pump is selected such as the PBJBR models

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EPC Water Pressure Systems

Water pressure systems featuring with electronic control system EPC (Electronic pressure control system) widely used in the nautical sector to grant a suitable and constant water pressure for all onboard appliances such as showers, washbasins, toilets, etc.

The EPC unit is less noisy than the mechanical switch as it integrates a floating mechanism that has the ability to absorb the hammer action of the impeller. The pressure point for on and off are set in the factory so no adjustment can be mde once supplied, however it offers dry run protection

The benefit of this design is that the size of the accumulator can be reduced making this a far better unit for installing in vessels with limited space. The EPC is not able to work with 3 phase motors so this could be a limitation on some vessels. An accumulator must also be considered as they can store the pressure on a system and avoid cycling of the motor

CEM - EPC Water pressure systems - Technical Spec
Image showing CEM – EPC Water pressure systems – Technical Spec

The water pressure systems manufactured by the company C.E.M. featuring the electronic control system EPC are designed to accomplish the automatic control of the pump. The EPC will automatically control the start and stop stages when the pressure drops or when the water supply to the system is interrupted granted the following advantages:

  • automatic stop of the pump when the water supply has run out (this prevents the pump from a harmful dry running)
  • constant monitoring of the operation by means of warning lights:
    • green light “Line”= pump on
    • red light” Failure”: pump off due to an anomaly (for example running out of the water)
  • constant pressure during the water distribution
  • overall dimensions reduced respect the traditional water pressure system with tank

In case of a stop due to running out of the water, the EPC device will allow the pump to make brief starts at regular breaks to check the availability of water in an independent way. If the pump is able to take in water during one of these attempts (max. 4), the pressure booster set will restart its normal operation. After four attempts, the EPC device will stop the pump completely. The pump can then be restarted only by pressing the “reset” button


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