CEM – BLC Centrifugal Blowers


Attention: the orientation and rotation of the blower must be stated when ordering

BLC and BLR Orientation

Image showing detail of the orientation (90°) is standard)



CEM electric BLC Centrifugal blowers are widely used on board for extraction and ventilation of air in closed environments such as; toilets, kitchens, garages and engine rooms

The centrifugal fan was invented in 1832 by military engineer Lieutenant General Alexander Sablukov of the Russian Empire’s Imperial Russian Army

Often called “blowers”, centrifugal fans vary differently from axial fans. The pressure of an incoming airstream is increased by a fan wheel, a series of blades mounted on a circular hub. Centrifugal fans move air radially — the direction of the outward flowing air is changed, usually by 90°, from the direction of the incoming air

The airflow created by centrifugal fans is directed through a system of ducts or tubes. This helps create a higher pressure airflow than axial fans. Despite a lower flow rate, centrifugal fans create a steadier flow of air than axial fans. Centrifugal fans also require a higher power input


Performance Table for CEM BLC blowers
Performance Table for CEM BLC blowers
Image of CEM BLC Centrifugal Blowers
CEM pumps and blowers BLC centrifugal blower

Direct current: 

  • Permanent magnet motor 12/24V DC
  • Protection IP23-44
  • Insulation Class F
  • Continuous Duty (S1)

Alternating current:

  • Induction electric motor
    • 110V single-phase (MS) – 60Hz (available on request)
    • 230V single-phase (M) – 50Hz (60hz available on request)
    • 230~400VAC Three-phase – 50Hz (60hz available on request)
  • Protection IP54÷55
  • Insulation Class F
  • Continuous Duty (S1)

Fan blades: steel forward blade, dynamically and statically balanced

Centrifugal fans are constant-displacement or constant-volume devices, meaning that, at a constant fan speed, a centrifugal fan moves a relatively constant volume of air rather than a constant mass. This means that the air velocity in a system is fixed even though the mass flow rate through the fan is not



Image showing a centrifugal blower
Centrifugal fan action on the medium

Please note: the orientation of the blower must be stated when ordering
RD: right direction
LD: left direction

Spiral casing: made of marine grade painted steel
Fan: steel forward blade, dynamically and statically balanced
Note: our BLC blowers are supplied with flanged fittings on the inlet and outlet side and a safety grid on the inlet side

DATA SHEET – CEM BLC Centifugal blowers


The centrifugal fan uses the centrifugal power supplied from the rotation of impellers to increase the kinetic energy of air/gases. When the impellers rotate, the gas particles near the impellers are thrown off from the impellers, then move into the fan casing. As a result, the kinetic energy of gas is measured as pressure because of the system resistance offered by the casing and duct. The gas is then guided to the exit via outlet ducts. After the gas is thrown-off, the gas pressure in the middle region of the impellers decreases. The gas from the impeller eye rushes in to normalize this. This cycle repeats and therefore the gas can be continuously transferred


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Additional information


12V DC, 24V DC, 230V, 230~400V, 400~690V

Max Delivery

4.5m³/min, 10m³/min, 12m³/min, 15m³/min, 24m³/min, 37m³/min, 50m³/min, 58m³/min, 66m³/min, 90m³/min, 133m³/min, 190m³/min, 265m³/min

Motor Power

0.09kW, 0.12kW, 0.18kW, 0.25kW, 0.3kW, 0.37kW, 0.55kW, 1.1kW, 2.2kW, 3kW, 5.5kW, 11kW

Inlet diameter

58mm, 98mm, 118mm, 148mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm

Outlet Diameter

58mm, 98mm, 118mm, 148mm, 160mm, 200mm, 240mm, 280mm, 320mm, 360mm


Left Direction, Right Direction


0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, 315°

About CEM

About CEM Pumps and Blowers

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