Ocean Footprint is all about innovating and sourcing the best products on the market then distributing them to boat builders and marine professionals

At Ocean Footprint we look for the products that offer a tangible difference to the mass supply items found widely available on the market

top of our game

We represent products and companies that offer safe and good value products to our customers at a good price, whilst at the same time supporting and innovating their product lines to move our sector forward
We work very closly with our “partners” that we represent to always remain at the top of our game

always looking for solutions

We visit many trade shows worldwide, in the following sectors:

  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Automotive
  • Space

There are many companies that are at the top of their game and we work with them to supply the very best product at the very best price point to our customers
We are always looking for solutions that meet our key criteria:

  • High Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Safety
  • Good value
  • Durable

a “can do” attitude

At Ocean Footprint we forge relationships with companies who have a “can do” attitude, we build on ideas we share to provide products that reflect our vision, in our network of trusted “partners” we can make any ideas a reality