Quick Prince vertical windlass Series – DP3


Quick Prince DP3 vertical windlass Series

  • Aisi 316 Stainless steel base
  • With and without drum
  • Integrated sensor and magnet for chain counter
  • Manual Free-Fall system
  • Inspection cover
  • IP66 Watertight motor
  • Anodized aluminium gearbox

Designed and manufactured in Quick’s own factory to order in Italy, the quality of Quick windlasses are acknowledged by the best boat builders worldwide
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Quick Prince DP3 vertical windlass Series

Quick spa logo
Quick spa logo

PRINCE DP3 windlasses are the result of careful research, aimed at creating a high-quality product line, based on eco-innovative manufacturing processes capable of favouring an efficient use of resources and a waste reduction. The best materials have been used, such as AISI 316 stainless steel, and special care has been taken in the choice of the processes, which include deep-drawing made with metal sheets instead of fusion casting and the plastic-metal co-moulding, which applied to some parts of the structure favors the device’s mechanical and functional performance, as well as reducing – from a manufacturing point of view – the steps in the production chain.

The range of Quick windlasses and capstans offers a wide selection of products designed to equip boats from 5 to 70 m (16 – 230 ft.).
Different models are available, equipped with electric AC/DC or hydraulic motors, with a vertical and horizontal axis, to be installed on or under the deck or on deck with built-in motor.

Quick Windlass and Captstans Range
Quick Windlass and Captstans Range

The windlasses support gypsies for calibrated chains from 6 to 26 mm and are matched with the capstans range. The gypsies fitted as standard work with rope & chain or only with chain depending on the model. Upon request, specific rope-only gypsies are available for some windlasses.
Accessories and components complete the equipment for anchoring with anchors, bow rollers, anchor-rodes and a wide range of remote controls and related connection devices.
Windlasses and capstans’ motors are supplied as standard with a contactor unit, integrated chain counter sensor and lever.
Among the several models, you will also find some winches for recovery operations other than anchorage or mooring, such as fishing or towing a tender on-board yachts. These capstans feature a drum sprocket and can hold a rope, a chain or flat strap.

Quick Windlasses and Capstans come with a 3 years warranty

State-of-the-art Quick windlasses are the successful result of careful research aimed at developing a range of innovative and technically advanced products.


The company’s policy of environmental responsibility has led the company to invest in the research and development of technologies that helped reduce waste to zero through the efficient use of resources and the substantial decrease of debris produced.
The method adopted by Quick, is based on principles defined under the term Cleaner Production:

  • Integration of advanced production systems in their own facilities (e.g. CNC machinery) and choice of suppliers from the surrounding territory
  • Preventive control of suppliers for the reduction of non-conformity in production
  • Use of technological processes that allow for a “zero waste” finished product (e.g.: sheet metal stamping instead of fusion casting)
  • Fewer steps in the production chain.


Quick Prince Series DP1 - Windlass
Quick Prince Series DP1 – Windlass

Prince windlasses truly represent the result of the eco-innovative research developed in recent years by Quick.
The project was conceived with the specific aim of creating a range of windlasses highly competitive in the market due to their quality. The choice of deep-drawn AISI 316 stainless steel was crucial. Deep-drawing made with metal sheets using special moulds allows to model hollow shapes of constant thickness without wasting raw material. The deep-drawing process applied on stainless steel delivers outstanding results. Besides keeping intact the high resistance features typical for this alloy, it guarantees constant production quality over time and total reduction of any aesthetic defects. Moreover, deep-drawing is an automated process; therefore, it can be controlled and is suitable for high productivity.
The choice of materials for internal parts was equally careful- aluminium anodized in hard oxide, very thick, and a strong plastic material composed of nylon and GRP. The advantages of these two materials, made integral with each other through injection co-moulding, are excellent stability and physical properties that favour mechanical and functional performance.
The gypsy, the component where the chain take place, is traditionally made of bronze since this metal makes the piece resistant to salt corrosion and helps to fight stress better than any other alloy. The chrome finishing, besides improving appearance, provides an additional protection to the gypsy.
The mechanical parts of Prince windlasses are entirely made of AISI 316 stainless steel as in all the models in the range.


AISI 316 stainless steel is the main material used in most of the winches and windlasses manufactured by Quick.
Stainless steel is the most suitable alloy par excellence to be exposed to the atmospheric agents of sea environments.
It can be worked applying different production techniques (fusion, mechanical processing and moulding) and also be perfectly mirror polished; it requires no maintenance and easily recovers its original splendour.
In different models, such as items in the Prince, Dylan, Dave and Duke series, stainless steel has been used for the external parts using sheet metal moulding, in particular for the bases and in the case of Prince, also for drums and gypsy covers.
This production technique has allowed matching stainless steel components to aluminium parts or those made of composite plastic material (Nylon + GRP, See Prince) that make the finished piece lightweight and easy to install.
Windlasses with a base over 200 mm are entirely made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
The models in the ROY and XROY series are machined from steel billets using the numerical control machines (CNC) at the company’s facilities.
The wide range of equipment for all kinds of mechanical processing enables Quick to obtain high-quality and directly-controlled products.


Anodized aluminium, often used due to its strength and resistance combined with the advantage of lightweight, was chosen for most of the Quick windlasses with horizontal axis as the on-deck Genius and Hector series (up to size 3), consisting of a single unit with built-in motor.
The substantial difference between the traditional anodisation, usually made with an oxidation thickness of just 20 microns, and anodisation in hard oxide used by Quick lies in reaching about 50 microns thick. The protection layer obtained guarantees corrosion resistance and raises the dielectric coefficient for a long time.
The same treatment was also used for the bases in the Aleph and Dylan H series.

Quick windlasses are equipped, as standard, with exclusive solutions and devices to ensure safety and functionality in all conditions. Each component has been designed in the company’s engineering laboratories.

Quick gyspy examples
Quick gyspy examples


The gypsies fitted, as standard, on each windlass can hold calibrated short link chains from 6 to 16 mm and stud link chains from 12.5 to 26 mm, depending on the dimension of their size. In fact, the different models of windlasses can be identified by the size of the gypsy, regardless the motor power or style. The classification from No. 1 to No. 9 refers to the size of the gypsy, then to the size of the chains that can be used, the diameter of the drums and the related capstans


From size 2 to 5 (6-14 mm), gypsies can support anchor-rodes with calibrated chain and spliced 3-strand rope, due to the special notching fitted internally, which allows the rope to easily slide.
Gypsies for rope and chain offer maximum functionality on windlasses fitted with rope puller.


Only upon request, rope-only gypsies are available. In this case, the notching, specially designed for 3-strand polyester rope, is distributed over the entire surface. The models include sizes 2 and 3 which support ropes of 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8” and 3/4”.


The chain stripper device allows the anchor-rode to separate from the gypsy at the right time when falling into the anchor-locker.
The component, fitted on all Quick windlasses, allows fluid sliding of the anchor-rode and above all, without risk of jamming the rope.


Free-fall device enables to release the gypsy clutch and a quicker fall of the chain. Some models have automatic Free-Fall; in this case, the clutch is released by means of an electric control.
Genius FF models are equipped with automatic Free-Fall system.
THE SENSOR AND THE MAGNET FOR THE CHAIN COUNTER are installed as standard on all models within the range.
THE PRESSURE LEVER is an integral part of all the windlasses suitable for use with both rope and chain.
THE OPENABLE INSPECTION LID is a constant feature, for models up to size No. 5.


The vertical windlasses with electric or hydraulic motor are provided with a PVC FLEX gasket to be applied on the flange of the below-deck gearbox; this special protection is well suited to any surface and effectively protects the gearbox against water infiltration without further interventions.
DC electric motors are protected with IP67 watertight cover up to 1700 watts and IP66 up to 2000 watts. The casing made of composite material, with gaskets and sealed cable outlets for electric cables, besides avoiding infiltration of water or other liquids, provides high resistance to impact and ease of installation.


The gearbox of the vertical windlasses have been especially designed to allow assembly without compromise and maximum flexibility of installation. The flange is prepared to fasten the motor in each direction without hindering the fall of the chain.

Quick spa logo

Quick S.p.A. is a leader company in Italy and worldwide in manufacturing accessories for sailing boats and yachts. It begins in the early 80s as an initiative by some professionals with training and expertise acquired in the Comar shipyard, manufacturer of the legendary Comets. In the same context, made of names destined to become famous, a small company named PM Marina acquired Quick in 1992, and this very association, solid and innovative, will guide the company towards important goals and the development of a wide array of products, from windlasses to thrusters, from battery chargers to nautical boilers, from remote controls to navigation lights, to the Marine Lighting Quick Division, started in 2007

In 2011, after the experience acquired in the lighting technology was launched 

Quick S.p.A., is a point of reference both for quality of products and technological resources able to offer a complete service, from the design to the finished product. Quick was able to manage its own growth by making important decisions such as, for example, the integration of an engineering system, and we are talking about CATT, acquired in 2003. The operative facility, which manufactures mechanical processes and creates molds for plastic materials, is organized with technologically advanced machinery including CAD-CAM stations for designing, different latest generation CNC centres, lathes and other precision devices.

Video overview of Quick Spa

About Quick

Quick spa logo
Quick spa logo

In 1982 Michele Marzucco, together with his business partner Alfonso Peduto, started his experience in the nautical sector at the Comar shipyard, which was renewed for Comet products. Very quickly the two business partners, driven by a great entrepreneurial spirit, founded a small company called PM Marina which was specialized in sales, installation and after-sales management of marine electronics, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and electrical systems.

Almost ten years later, in 1992, PM Marina acquired Quick and thanks to this merger, the company began to achieve important goals. Since 2006 Quick Spa has been in the United States as Quick USA INC, which develops commercial and technical assistance activities for the USA. Quick Spa is also present in the UK with Quick UK, founded in 2018.

In 2018 Michele Marzucco started a new important challenge, acquiring the shareholder’s shares and opening the company to his two sons, Chiara and Carlo.

In 2019 Quick Spa launched an important expansion of its workforce in Italy and abroad, employing managerial figures with international professional experience.

Quick Spa, an international leader in the production of nautical equipment, designs, produces and engineers all its products in the Italian Headquarters in Ravenna.


Quick SRL Factory HQ
Quick SRL Factory HQ

Quick Headquarters, expanded in 2016, is now over 19,000 square meters.
It is located in the countryside near Ravenna and it includes the general management and staff, different production departments and all the laboratories of research, development and design.

Quick Spa holds also an engineering factory where there is the most consistent machinery of the whole company.
CATT srl has been acquired in 2003 and it is close to the Headquarters.
This operating structure has allowed Quick Spa to raise products’ quality, providing custom products meeting different customers’ needs, to create new articles according to customer-specific requests and boast with the entirety of the products made in Italy.
CATT is characterized by CAD-CAM design stations, several last-generation CNC centres, lathes and precision equipment.

Since 2006 Quick Spa has been in the United States as Quick USA INC, which develops commercial and technical assistance activities for the USA. Quick Spa is also present in the UK with Quick UK, founded in 2018.

In 2018 Quick Spa achieved a turnover of 35 million euros and in 2019 it expects a positive trend, equal to approximately 12%. The company has more than 200 employees, of which 160 are in the Italian headquarters.

Quick Spa offers different product ranges thanks to the great experience and important acquisitions that allowed increasing its portfolio and know-how during the years.
After the introduction of its first windlass called Aries, Quick Spa developed relationships with different companies, first of all Nautic Boiler (calorifiers), the Italian branch of Atwood acquired in 1998.

In the following years Quick Spa expanded its business acquiring Scotti, a well-known company specialized in marine lighting founded in 1945, and CATT, a company with over 20 years of experience in mechanical processing and plastic manufacturing.

Then in 2007, Quick Spa acquired Sigmar Marine SRL, specialized in water heaters.

Quick MC2 DC Series Gyros
Quick MC2 DC Series Gyros

Finally, in 2016 with the latest acquisition of Item Mare business unit, MC2 Marecalmo brand and its know-how, Quick Spa transferred the gyroscopic stabilizers production to its facilities and applied technical improvements to provide greater efficiency and reliability.

Through these important mergers and acquisitions, today Quick Spa can offer different ranges of products.

Quick Nautical Equipment includes anchoring and mooring systems, energy supplies, a large range of water heaters and accessories.

Quick Marine Lighting Logo
Quick Marine Lighting logo

Quick Marine Lighting includes the whole range of lighting products, from courtesy lights to underwater lights.

MC² Quick Gyro series includes gyro stabilizer models from X2 to X56 for boats up to 250 tons. MC² Quick Gyro stabilizers can reduce boat roll up to 95% and they are very effective at speed as well as at anchor.
They result to be compact, easy to install and the maintenance can be performed on board.
MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers, developed by Quick, are equipped with a mass revolving on a horizontal axis.
A peculiarity that reduces significantly mechanical stress, produces less friction and therefore needs lower heat output.
The system is air-cooled; therefore, it does not require water pumps or seawater inlets, like the water-cooled systems do.

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DP1, DP2, DP2E, DP3


12V DC, 24V DC

Motor Power

300W, 500W, 700W, 800W, 1000W, 1500W


Standard, High Speed


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