CEM – Counter Flanges for AM and AM-D pumps


This product offers a counter flange to adapt the pump from a flange fitting to threaded (BSP/GAS)



Threaded counter flanges made in bronze

Thread: BSP (EN 10226-1 – ex ISO 7/1)

Suitable for:

Additional information

Model Compatibility

AM 40, AM-D 40, AM 50, AM-D 50, AM 65, AM-D 65

About CEM

About CEM Pumps and Blowers

CEM Pumps and blowers factory
CEM Pumps and blowers factory

Established in 1970 C.E.M. elettromeccanica S.r.l. has been a leading manufacturer of electric pumps and DC motors primarily focussed for use in the maritime sector
In the 48 years we have been making motors and our constant expansion in the national and the international markets have resulted in the broadening of our extensive product range

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This makes us the ideal partner for large and medium-sized boat builders of pleasure, fishing and military vessels.
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Our commitment to using the highest quality materials used, the special care invested in the design and in the innovative production processes we adopt, we are able to offer excellent performances and a remarkable lifespan of our products exactly what you need when our product can offer extra hours of safety when in difficulty
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