Nyalic Fibreglass Boat Protection

Nyalic® is used to restore the gloss and appearance of faded, oxidized fibreglass. Gloss meter readings were taken of fibreglass after a Nyalic application show gloss improvements by as much as 400%. The cost of using Nyalic to restore the look of an oxidized faded painted or fibreglass surface can be less than £500 depending on the size of the boat

Nyalic Corrosion Protected Aluminum Boat
Image showing Nyalic Corrosion Protected Boat

Why use Nyalic?

  • Harsh salt deposits and brackish water simply wash away with fresh water and Right Rinse cleaner
  • Fish blood and guts easily wash away at the end of a days fishing
  • Protects against staining
  • No waxing / No polishing / No buffing
  • Protects electrical and electronic gear
  • Coat stainless steel and brass fittings
  • Damaged areas are easy to repair with a quick cleanup and Nyalic application with our aerosol product

And don’t forget that your trailer can be coated with Nyalic too

Simple Prep works very well to remove black streaks on surfaces that are not coated with Nyalic.

Nyalic aerosol
Image of Nyalic 12oz aerosol

NOTE: Nyalic aerosol cans are available for field touch-up of damaged coated surfaces and for small projects or alternatively a touch-up kit can be purchased to offer all of the preparatory works in one simple kit

TO ESTIMATE THE PRODUCTS REQUIRED – you can use the following guidelines:

One quart of Nyalic will cover up to 300 square feet (one coat). Divide the square footage of your project by 300 to determine the number of Nyalic quarts to buy.


Nyalic Simple Prep 0.95 Litre
Image of Nyalic Simple Prep Quart

Simple Prep™(degreaser) is needed to clean the surface prior to coating. 0.5 (1/2) quart of Simple Prep is needed for each quart of Nyalic purchased. Multiply the Nyalic quarts by 0.5 to determine the number of Simple Prep quarts to buy.


Nyalic Right Rinse 0.95 Litre
Image of Nyalic Right Rinse Quart

Right Rinse™ (neutralizer) is needed to final rinse the surface before coating. 0.25 (1/4) quart of Right Rinse is needed for each quart of Nyalic. Multiply the Nyalic quarts by 0.25 to determine the number of Right Rinse quarts to buy.


Nyalic 12oz Aerosol cans are used to coat areas that are difficult to reach as well as to perform touch-up of deep scrapes and gouges. 0.333 (1/3) 12oz aerosol is generally needed for every each quart of Nyalic. Multiply the Nyalic quarts by 0.333 to determine the number of 12oz aerosol cans to buy


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Nyalic Touch up kit
Nyalic Touch up kit